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The Stars are Right — NOW!

19 Aug , 2013  

New Convention Poster

Dear Friends,

Below are numerous briefly summarized important pieces of key information. Please take some time to peruse them, and familiarize yourselves. If you have any questions, please check out the website for the latest, as it’ll be updated constantly over this last week.

REGISTRATION – When you first arrive for registration, please go to the second floor landing of the Biltmore to the registration tables arranged for the different pass-types. Please have your eventbrite or kickstarter ticket ready for the good folks there, along with some ID, so we can verify. These things will make the process go as quickly as possible.



Providence Noir: Chapter IX — Collisions.

17 Jul , 2013  

(New to Providence Noir? Start with Chapter One, or read the previous chapter.)


April 29th, 2012. West End, Providence.

Carmela stood over the old fire pit in her back yard, watching the smoldering pages of a Neo-Nazi propaganda zine blacken, curl, and float away as smoke on the breeze. It was the last of the bunch that she had culled from the smoke-stained library in her apartment. She had dragged herself out of bed early and had spent hours picking through the besotted stacks, her thoughts regularly trailing back to her nightmares. She was thankful her downstairs neighbors were sleeping, most probably still drunk from the night before, as she constructed and lit the makeshift pyre, since she didn’t feel like explaining to them why she was burning books and magazines, or where she happened to acquire a motley collection of white supremacy literature and snuff porn. More…


Providence Noir: VIII — Carrion

28 Jun , 2013  

(New to Providence Noir? Start with Chapter I, or read the previous chapter.)

April 29th, 2012. 11:36 am.

Officer Tom Gilman of the Stonington police had just pulled over a green Ford Expedition with Rhode Island license plates. The vehicle had been speeding while heading west on Connecticut Route 234, known colloquially as the Pequot Trail. Though a well-traveled thoroughfare generally, it cut through acre upon acre of idyllic New England scenery, a combination of widely-spaced suburban homes, woods, old farms, and rolling fields. The SUV was parked on the grass next to a crumbling stone wall, beneath the shade of a giant beech tree. The initial computer scan had said the vehicle was registered to one Allen Carlson of North Kingstown. A cool breeze touched Tom’s face as he exited his squad car, and he glanced at a small group of crows who croaked loudly off to his left, glutting themselves on the remains of a dead possum. A huge tractor trailer whooshed by, briefly scattering the crows, and nearly blowing the hat off of his head. More…


Providence Noir: Chapter VII — The Swamp

14 Mar , 2013  

(New to Providence Noir? Start with Chapter I, or read the previous chapter.)
From the personal memoirs of Jonathan K. Sousa. Entry dated April 29th, 2012.


The thick forest has turned to swampland. I find myself surrounded by skeletal cedars and maples in various states of decay, the flooded landscape slowly drowning their root systems. The subtle musk of wood rot hangs in the air, and a combination of roots and rocks hidden beneath the shallow water’s surface annoyingly snag my feet every couple of steps. I trudge onward, sniffing the cool, crisp night air. The evening is exceptionally quiet, and the sloshing of my feet echoes through the grim landscape as I dredge my way through the muck. As I walk, I can see shadowy figures darting behind withering tree trunks in the corners of my vision. I can’t make out precisely what they are, but there appear to be a bunch of them. I’m in no mood to wait and find out if they’re friendly, so I decide to quicken my pace a bit. Shifting my gaze upwards, I pay close attention to the treeline, noticing a slight break up ahead. I make my way toward it. More…


Providence Noir: Chapter VI — Restlessness

28 Feb , 2013  

(New to Providence Noir? Start with Chapter I, or read the previous chapter.)

April 28th, 2012

The dew was cold and wet on Arthur’s feet, seeping in through his sneakers as he walked through tall brown grass, occasionally glancing at the gray sky above. Puffy dark clouds, like overgrown and ill-tempered sheep, glared back at him. The wind picked up and he shivered, zipping his navy blue windbreaker up to his chin and continuing on with steady, determined steps. Rolling hills pocked with copses of trees surrounded him, and he trudged on toward a tall, wrought-iron gate that gaped open amid a crumbling stone wall. More…


Providence Noir: V — The Other Woman.

20 Feb , 2013  

(New to Providence Noir? Start with Chapter One, or read the previous chapter.)

April 28th, 2012.

The two of them sat at the stained wooden bar of a small East Side tavern known as The Point. Jonathan adjusted his maroon shirt collar and slim black tie while surveying the liquor bottles stacked neatly along the back wall. His own reflection, dappled with a combination of shadow and soft yellow light, looked back at him from the broad bar mirrors. It was early in the evening, and the place was getting busier by the minute. Soft lounge music and bar chatter created a warm blanket of background noise. A sudden blast of air hit his back as the door opened once again and more people ushered themselves inside. He glanced over his shoulder at the new arrivals briefly before his eyes returned to settle on Selene sitting next to him, her legs crossed neatly. Tall, brown, high-heeled leather boots poked out from beneath her calf-length orange and red skirt. She wore a long-sleeved plum-colored blouse, and a series of bracelets jangled as she drank from a pint of pale ale. More…


Kickstart the return of the Ancient Ones!

20 Dec , 2012  

For those Lovecraft fanatics who might be unaware, we here at NecronomiCON Providence now have a Kickstarter page up and running. Check it out to find out about tickets and merch.

Click here for the NecronomiCON 2013 Kickstarter!

To those of you who have already donated to our eldritch cause, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our collective grim and dreadful cosmic consciousness. Your generous donations ensure that we (and our legions of shoggoth minions) will be able to provide you with the ultimate Lovecraftian convention/celebration of the current epoch. More…

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CALL for Abstracts: Seeking Lovecraftian Researchers

16 Nov , 2012  

Seeking new Lovecraft-related research for NecronomiCon Providence, 2013

The Lovecraft Arts and Sciences Council, Inc. (the organizer of NecronomiCon Providence) is seeking submissions of academic works that explore all aspects of the works and life of famed weird fiction writer, H.P. Lovecraft, including the influence of history, architecture, science (anthropology, biology, geology, etc), and popular culture (movies, theater, etc), on his works.

We particularly hope to foster exploration of Lovecraft as a rationalist who created an elaborate cosmic mythology, and how this mythology was influenced by, and has come to influence, numerous other authors and artists before and since. However, all submissions that contribute to a greater understanding of Lovecraft and associated authors and artists of “weird tales” (science fiction, fantasy, horror, etc) are encouraged. More…


Providence Noir: Chapter IV – Carmela

8 Nov , 2012  

If you’re just entering Providence Noir, take a look at: Chapter IChapter II, or Chapter III.


April 26th, 2012. 11 am.

“Dawlah aw fifty cents a book! Dawlah aw fifty cents a book!”

The woman was older and somewhat haggard. Heavy set and pale with deep frown lines and hair dyed a dark red that was nearly purple, she stood on the flatbed of an old, blue, Chevy pickup truck, handing boxes of old books to a lean, darker-skinned gentleman of somewhat indistinguishable age. She wore a jean jacket and a Boston Red Sox t-shirt. He wore an old flannel and a ratty blue baseball cap pushed low over his eyes.

“Dawlah aw fifty cents a book! Dawlah aw fifty cents a book!” More…



Providence Noir: Chapter III – Bridges

12 Sep , 2012  

(New to Providence Noir? Start with Chapter I, or read the previous chapter.)

Crook Point Bascule Bridge

Providence Noir Chapter 3


Excerpt from the personal memoirs of Jonathan Sousa. Entry dated April 27th, 2012.

The basement room is painted a dark, midnight blue, and is lit by four orange candles which sit upon individual altars, one set against each of the four walls. The smell of frankincense permeates the area, wafting from a thurible in the corner. I have drawn a circle in orange chalk on the floor adorned with occult glyphs of various meaning and correspondence, and some pillows rest in the center of it. The temple preparation did not take very long – a few basic banishings and visualizations, nothing particularly difficult for an experienced practitioner. More…