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The Stars are Right — NOW!

19 Aug , 2013  

New Convention Poster

Dear Friends,

Below are numerous briefly summarized important pieces of key information. Please take some time to peruse them, and familiarize yourselves. If you have any questions, please check out the website for the latest, as it’ll be updated constantly over this last week.

REGISTRATION – When you first arrive for registration, please go to the second floor landing of the Biltmore to the registration tables arranged for the different pass-types. Please have your eventbrite or kickstarter ticket ready for the good folks there, along with some ID, so we can verify. These things will make the process go as quickly as possible.

Our schedule as it relates to you (all of which can be found on our website):

Keynote Address for the convention – at 5:30pm on Thursday the 22nd, NecronomiCon Providence officially begins at the First Baptist Church – Lovecraft’s favorite landmark referred to as “The Finest Georgian Steeple in America” in the Call of Cthulhu. The church has a capacity of 1000 people, so this is definitely open to the public! The keynote will be delivered by S.T. Joshi, with some words by Mayor Angel Taveras and the church’s official historian, Stan Lemons. This should be done about 6:30, in time for…

Bronze bust unveiling and HPL collection – The Providence Athenaeum, on the corned of Benefit and College streets, is hosting the newly donated bust of HPL as made by Bryan Moore. They’re having a small unveiling ceremony Thursday evening running from 6:30 to 8pm. AS space is limited, only a very few free tickets are still available here: SOLD OUT.


Have no fear if you miss out this evening. You’ll have plenty of other chances to see it, as well as the very special collection of HPL letters, manuscripts and other originals on loan to the Athenaeum from the Hay Library. This will be a stop on the walking tours, and otherwise generally open for folks to stop in.

ARS NECRONOMICA – three gallery art exhibit – – Brown’s Cohen art Gallery at the Granoff Center (154 Angell Street – just a block past HP Lovecraft Memorial Square!), the Providence Art Club (11 Thomas Street – in the shadow of the “Finest Georgian Steeple”), and Julian’s (318 Broadway) — all three will be open for viewing over the course of the convention. Official Convention openings are Thursday night 7-9pm at both the Cohen and the PAC. The openings are open to all!

Black Lodge PartyThursday night, starting at 9pm and going until 1am, our special “welcome to town” club night, for all Guests and our Silver Key and Golden Key members, is at the Red Fez, at 19 Peck Street in downtown Providence. The Fez is just the type of place for all sorts of swarthy sailors and tweed academics to rub elbows, to the beat of rhythmic musicks. Please feel free to swing by for a night cap after catching a movie, or a stroll, and before you turn in to prepare for a very busy weekend. If you don’t feel like a drink here, there are plenty of other bars and cafes in the area to whet your whistle before the night is through.

IF you’re not a Golden Key or Silver Key backer – Do Not Despair – there are MANY other great bars all around the area, several of them displaying drink specials for attendees. May the Pub Crawling Chaos commence!

eldritch - small

Eldritch Ball – We’re very happy to say that our Fancy-dress/ Masquerade ball has shaped up to be a great one! It’s in the opulent Biltmore Grand Ballroom, Friday night from 9pm to 12:30am… and it’s truly going to be memorable.

For this, Golden Key members get in for free, but all others must purchase tickets,via our website, as we need to cover some high costs associated, and we needed to have some way of assuring attendance. Trust us, it’ll be well worth the $10 ($15 at the door). Tickets can be bought here: https://necronomiconball.eventbrite.com/

Note that there is a dress code, but mostly we just ask that people don’t come dressed in the same jeans and t-shirts they’ve been wearing all day.
For more info, read the eventbrite page linked above.

Neurosis - Lustmord

Saturday night concerts – there are two separate, but equal and overlapping, concerts Saturday night — the first one is associated with the special WaterFire event happening in conjunction with NecronomiCon, and features several remarkable bands, particularly highlighting famed Lovecraftian rockers, Darkest of the Hillside Thickets. This show starts around dusk, when WaterFire gets really going, and will run until at least midnight. This is entirely free to everyone, and takes place all along waterplace park, just two blocks from the Biltmore, etc. You’ll see it. And, if you don’t see it, you’ll definitely smell it!

Additionally, Lovecraft’s favorite theater in town, the Strand – and the rock club there, Lupo’s – is the site of a truly epic line-up of intense music with internationally acclaimed acts Neurosis and Lustmord. This is a ticketed event, and tickets are available here: http://lupos.com/events/neurosis/

Please help spread the word, if you’re attending. We need help raising awareness about this show. This show is an early one, running from 6pm to 10pm, Saturday night — leaving just enough time for attendees to run over to the WaterFire event to catch the madness unfold there. And, that’s no lie. See attached flyer, a glorious one made by Nick Gucker!

Water Fire

Cthulhu Prayer Breakfast – To start out the last day of the convention, we invite all of you to join us for a very tasty breakfast buffet Sunday morning from 8am to 9:30 in the Biltmore Grand Ballroom. Come gorge yourself on a great buffet spread, while our Revered Heirophant Bob Price, Deacon Cody Goodfellow, and Rabbi Lois Gresh ben Cthulhu minister to our damned souls… all while being serenaded by Choirmaster Darrell Schweitzer’s Golden Key Choir. Much like the Friday night Eldritch Ball, and since not everyone wants to go to the Breakfast, tickets are needed for all guests and attendees (though all Silver and Golden Key holders get in free) – first come first serve – please purchase your tickets here: https://cthulhuprayerbreakfast.eventbrite.com/

For the Golden Key members, as you should already know, this is your moment to shine as part of the Golden Key Choir!

Walking tours – the phenomenal tours being conducted around College Hill a few times each day require modestly priced tickets to ensure your participation. Please choose one and sign on here: https://necronomiconwalkingtours.eventbrite.com/

Hope all this helps clarify some stuff!

To be sure, here are some additional important links —

Full schedule of talks – detailed in two attachments to this email, and found here: http://necronomicon-providence.com/necronomicon-2013/panels-talks-etc/

Full schedule of movies – Including some that have rarely been screened (Dagon and The Ancestor), listed here: http://necronomicon-providence.com/necronomicon-2013/movies/

Full schedule of all eventshttp://necronomicon-providence.com/necronomicon-2013/schedule/
We will also soon have a very user-friendly spreadsheet of events available online for download or direct use.

Full schedule of Games, with many still available – http://necronomicon-providence.com/necronomicon-2013/gaming/

Alright, that’s very nearly it. Thanks, to all of you, for making this happen…
The stars are right — NOW!

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  1. Rolf Maurer says:

    Really enjoyed the convention and all the variety that went into it! Here is a recent news story out of OK that is of interest: an unknown artist left a heavy monument in tribute to Azathoth outside an area restaurant. Here is the link:

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