Overall schedule

**A DOWNLOADABLE set of MAPS and programming schedule is now available here!**


We’ve got a busy schedule in the works for panels and talks by most of the big names in Lovecraftian academia, as well as many of the best authors in modern Weird Fiction and those carrying on the Standard of the Cthulhu Mythos in all guises – literature, film, art, gaming, etc.

Here’s a complete list of the panels and talks!

In addition to these details, we would like to offer a general schedule layout in order to allow you to make travel plans, etc.
Naturally, this schedule is subject to some reasonable changes and modificatons.

Mar. 15th – Lovecraft’s death date – MEMENTO MORI

AUGUST, 2013Think of it as the ‘Month of Lovecraft’ here in Providence.

To set the mood, the beginning of the month will bear witness to the debut of a truly ground-breaking art exhibition, staged at a few different venues around the city. Check out the Ars Necronomica page for details.

August 16 and 18, Friday and Sunday

We proudly ally ourselves with Arkham Film Society’s horror film festival, which will fittingly feature a Lovecraft-inspired movie and documentary. DETAILS available HERE and HERE, on their facebook event page.

August 17th – Saturday

Our friends at the Rhode Island Historical Society will conduct one of their superb historical walking tours of Lovecraft’s old haunts along the east side of Providence, starting at 11am.

August 20thTuesday – LOVECRAFT’S 123rd BIRTHDAY!

Special plans in the works for a few events around the city. Our friends at the Rhode Island Historical Society conduct another one of their superb historical walking tours of Lovecraft’s old haunts along the east side of Providence, starting at 11am.

The Ladd Observatory on the east side of Providence will be hosting a special open house in honor of Lovecraft’s Birthday, from 8-10pm.

A ceremony will be held at the Providence Rochambeau Library where the HP Lovecraft Bronze Bust Project will make a donation to the childrens literacy program. The ceremony will be held at 2:00 PM.

We’ll be screening our first movie of our film series, The Call of Cthulhu, at the Black Box Theater, 95 Empire Street, at 7pm, followed by a very singular block of Psychedelic Lovecraft-inspired movie mash-ups made by our own Frank Difficult – more details can be clicked here.

August 21st – Wednesday

Come to the Providence Art Club (11 Thomas Street) at 6:30pm for an evening with famed Lovecraft scholar, Henry L.P. Beckwith! This will be an intimate chat about Harry’s singular perspective on Lovecraft, the man — but all are welcome to come and join in. Cash bar, too!


Thursday (full list of public events for more details)

As the stars finally come into their proper alignment, the eve’ of NecronomiCon-Providence will be heralded by numerous stunning events and activities around the city, including official convention art openings at both the Cohen Gallery and the Providence Art Club at 7pm, film-making workshop, film screenings, a final excellent RIHS walking tour, a certain bronze bust unveiling at the Athenaeum (this is a ticketed event – already sold out), open house at the Ladd Observatory (8-10pm), and a very unique convention-eve Keynote address at the First Baptist Church at 6:30 – open to all! All of which culminates with…

Friday (panels and talks list)

8am-5pm – panels, talks, and workshops are scheduled to run all day, at both the historic Biltmore and Hotel Providence, and a couple nearby venues. Plans then go well into the night for numerous city-wide festivities, including film screenings in some really unique spots, and gaming at the Hotel Providence – and our fancy dress ELDRITCH BALL at the Biltmore Ballroom, at 9pm! Tickets on sale via our ticketing page.

Saturday (panels and talks list)

8am-4pm – more panels, talks, workshops, and GAMING, all day, etc, etc. and some VERY big plans for one of the most memorable nights in Lovecraft’s Providence imaginable. We can’t tell all the secret just yet, but you won’t ever forget this night.

Of course, we can say that Neurosis and Lustmord are playing at Lovecraft’s favorite theater in town – The Strand (at Lupo’s), just next to the Biltmore. Tickets for that show available here!

Additionally, of course, there will be a very special WaterFire (oh, we’ve nearly said too much!), with its own dedicated concert outdoors and free to all – featuring Darkest of the Hillside Thickets, The Big Nazo Intergalactic Creature Band, and The Difference Engine.

Sunday (panels and talks list)

8am- 4pm – We kick off the final day of the convention with the Cthulhu Prayer Breakfast (sorry – limited seating!) from 8am-10am, and have more panels and talks beginning at 9am running for most of the day, but starting to wind down at 4pm, so that folks can begin to make the trek homeward.

Then… start planning for the next pilgrimage?

Until then – Sweet Dreams!

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