Sponsorship and Advertisement

HPL, by Joseph Wehrle, Jr.

The Lovecraft Arts & Sciences Council, Inc., a Providence-based nonprofit organization, is the host of NecronomiCon Providence 2013. In these final weeks of preparation, we are reaching out for support from organizations and individuals who would derive a commensurate benefit from their sponsorship of our event, particularly those who share our passion for either Lovecraft or Providence and the surrounding region.

There is much positive buzz surrounding our plans, in social media and the press, as well as in literary and pop-culture communities. We expect this to be the preeminent H. P. Lovecraft event of the decade, and the largest convention of its kind anywhere. If you would like to be a material part of NecronomiCon Providence, with an anticipated audience of over a thousand passionate fans from around the nation and the world, please contact us via email or the form listed below. We will quickly send you a full Sponsorship and Advertising packet.

* A BIG thanks to Joseph Wehrle Jr. for allowing us the use of his superlative HPL portrait. *

Sponsorship Interest Form - Copy 1

  • (If Applicable)
    For inclusion in our convention’s Program Guide Supplement, with a print run of 1200+ and read repeatedly by all attendees. Ads must be print ready in a format to fit on an 8x10” page, with bleed – 300+ dpi, grey scale, etc. We kindly ask that all submitted ads be professionally made with some modicum of artistic creativity. We reserve the right to edit (with your final approval, of course) and curate the included ads. Graphic design work is available for as base rate of $100 for a half-page ad, and other rates commensurate with ad size and design needs – please contact us for more information. Please have all ads submitted by August 7th.